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Pre-Order The Crown’s Fate, and you can get a limited edition bookmark and a set of 3 stickers–Team Vika, Team Nikolai, and Team Pasha!

KEPLER’S EXCLUSIVE BONUS GIFT: If you pre-order The Crown’s Fate from Kepler’s Books, you can have your book autographed & personalized, and you will also receive an Alternate Ending to the series! The Alternate Ending is an exclusive, Kepler’s-only gift.

Follow the instructions below by May 15th to redeem your pre-order gifts.

Option 1: Pre-order from Kepler’s Books (US and International)*

You will receive: a bookmark, a set of 3 stickers, and the exclusive Alternate Ending inserted into your copy of The Crown’s Fate. Your book will also be autographed and, if you like, personalized!

Place your order here:

And you’re done!

Option 2: Order from another bookseller (US Only)

You will receive: a bookmark and a set of 3 stickers.

1. Pre-order a copy of The Crown’s Fate from these retailers or any other bookstore:

2. Submit a copy of your name, U.S. mailing address, and proof of purchase (receipt) to: only, due to additional postage costs.)

*Sometimes readers ask, Why does it cost more to order from an independent bookstore like Kepler’s? Well, part of the answer is, they have a small staff that individually packages each order and takes it to the post office, unlike large retailers, who have automated, bulk shipping warehouses.

The other, even more important answer is this: Bookstores like Kepler’s do many wonderful things for the community, like sending authors to schools and providing books for underprivileged youth at no cost. It’s a GREAT thing to support our local bookstores, even if it costs a little more out of our pockets sometimes. (That’s why I offer an extra special gift for those who pre-order through Kepler’s.)

No matter where you pre-order from, I appreciate you greatly! But if you decide to pre-order through Kepler’s, you get the added bonus of knowing you are supporting an amazing resource for our little community, including the kids and schools here!



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