The Tsar’s Guard

Announcement: The Tsar has commissioned a special stamp for my book events, exclusively for members of the Tsar’s Guard! 

All you have to do is show me proof of membership (a print-out or mobile copy of any Tsar’s Guard email will work!) at any of my 2017 book events, and you’ll get not only my autograph in your books, but also the exclusive Tsar’s Guard stamp! If you’re not a member yet, fill out the form below to join now!


The Tsar’s Guard is an international army of fans of The Crown’s Game. They are the first to hear Crown’s Game and Crown’s Fate news. They are ambassadors for the books. And they receive random, surprise gifts from Evelyn (like limited edition swag commissioned exclusively for the Guard, and behind-the-scenes information that no one else has access to.)

So join this elite army, which includes thousands of members all over the world (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, England, Indonesia, Italy, Scotland, Philippines, Portugal, Ukraine, and the US, just to name a few.) The Tsar is always looking for more good soldiers.

Join the Tsar’s Guard


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